April 16 Pub Stumpers start-up is CANCELLED

I have just heard (minutes ago) that the Unicorn does not yet have the Pub Stumpers package – it should be in tomorrow.

So the planned start-up for today, is CANCELLED, and it will begin again on Tuesday April 23.


Sorry for the short notice – I know a lot of regulars will be showing up tonight, having missed this note. 


Final Pub Stumper of Winter Season – March 26, 2013

Tonight – March 26 – will be the final week in the winter season.

We will decide tonight how long a break we want/need – 2 or 3 weeks?

I have announced my need to take a sabbatical from the Stumping, but I will be there tonight.

Anisa, Richard, Dan, & other regulars have agreed to keep on top of things, hosting themselves, or bringing the opportunity to others in the crowd.

If we cannot confirm the next date to start; I will follow up & post it here.

Therefore, it would be good for you to ‘register/subscribe’ so you can be notified of any news.

See you tonight!!



Pub Stumpers 2013 will start Tuesday January 8 at the Unicorn

We are a GO for January 8!

UPDATE: The package has arrived (Monday), so all is good!

As of Friday (Jan 5), the Unicorn had ordered, and confirmed, the next season’s package, but had not received it yet.
If it doesn’t show up on Monday, I will prepare something – as close to the regular format as I can manage in one evening – so we WILL be playing on Tuesday!

If it shows up on Tuesday, we’ll use it…

Pub Stumpers @ the Unicorn will finish up 2012 on Dec. 4

We will do one final week on Tuesday Dec 4 at the Unicorn, then break for the holiday season.

As discussed last night, we have finished the’official’ Pub Stumpers Season 22 package, but I am able to create an original week’s game myself.

It will be very much the same as the PS format – general knowledge (perhaps a bit heavy on the holiday theme since they are just around the corner); and I can put together some good music clip rounds.

So come on out for this ‘special’ week of trivia; you may not get another until the Stumping returns on January 8!


Pub Stumpers Season 22 wraps up Nov 27 – or does it???

Nov 27 – Final Week 12 of the season is tonight; let’s ALL get out this week!

What does the future hold for Unicorn Stumping?
I wish I knew… really, I do…

Unfortunately, there has been no response from management on continuing the trivia or not; I keep getting told that someone will get in touch.
There always seems to be interest, but never any commitment.

So this may be the only place to find out what’s happening!!! And only when/if someone confirms things to me.

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Pub Stumping at the Unicorn Pub (Season 22) (Fall 2012)

October 23, 2012 UPDATE – We’ve moved locations!
Trivia now takes place at the Unicorn Pub, across the street, a few doors west of the Libertine, and DOWNstairs vs. UPstairs…
The Unicorn is where we started Stumping a few years ago, and we now have a ‘permanent’ home there.
Check us out in the room directly LEFT as you enter at the bottom of the stairs.

August 30, 2012 UPDATE

The Libertine is up for action on Season 22, beginning Tuesday, September 11 !  6:30 is the start time!

This season will contain more thrills, spills & maybe a few ills… than you ever thought possible!

Be sure to show up regularly, for special quiz rounds & some video trivia thrown in by your host – me!!

Sept. 9 – I took a look through the first week’s questions, but didn’t get too far, as my cat was all over it first!

Pub Stumping at the Libertine! Season 21 (Spring-Summer 2012)


Check out the ABOUT page for a little information about this fun weekly event in downtown Calgary!

June 13 – finally! Season 20 Scores – see who won the season!

See the current (Season 21) links below for updates on who’s winning!!

Week 1 – David hosted
Week 2 – David hosted
Week 3 – David hosted
Week 4 – NachoMan hosted
Week 5 – May 22 first week of blog record-keeping – David hosted
Week 6 – May 29 – Dan hosted
Week 7 – June 5 – NachoMan hosted – SORRY about the last-minute change in venue to the Unicorn Pub – was unknown & unplanned…
Week 8 – June 12 – David hosted
Week 9 – June 19 – David hosted – GOT PICTURES!!
Week 10 – June 26 – NachoMan’s last day!
Week 11 – July 3 – David hosted
Week 12 – July 17 – David hosted

POLL: Would you be OK if the weekly $$ for winners was gone?

The Libertine, like any pub, is a business, and businesses want to make money.

The Pub Stumping groups that are now regularly attending, isn’t a very large community, and a concern to the author (that’s me!) is that the pub may not be profitting, or even breaking even, some nights – and therefore may not be willing to continue offering the game.

Most of us are there for laughs; or to kill a Tuesday night… the money (to many) is not crucial.
Although it does come in handy, if it makes the pub close down the game, it’s not worth it!

– the PS kit costs $60/week = $60
– a bartender & server for 3-4 hours costs $125-$150 (estimated) = say, $140
– weekly prize of $100 & $50 = $150
That’s a $350 expense, flat – and that doesn’t include the 10% discount.
While bars make their profit on drinks, typical table   bills for our gang has been $80-$100 – times 5 teams = $450.
This is $100 above the expense, and that really only covers the cost of the drinks & food served.

They may not LOSE anything, but it’s not a plus on the income statement to be running a break-even event in a profit-making effort.

At the end of the current run (last week should be July 17), we may need to offer to the Libertine some consideration to continue the Stumping, unless we can engage more players to come & join in!

I propose something along these lines:
– we drop the top-2-team $$ prize weekly, but stick with the 10% discount for all players.  This provides $150 back to the Libertine, giving them (at least, SHOULD give them) at least this as profit for the night, keeping the owner happy! 
– we ask to keep a couple of (small) prizes for the season-winning teams – but something more ‘meaningful’ than costly – perhaps a plaque on the wall that can be added to season-by-season…